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New York Real State

East-West Property Advisors provides comprehensive information on the real estate market in New York. We provide information on the different neighborhoods, historic trends, current developments and other relevant insights around investing in New York City.

If needed, we organize personalized home-buying trips to New York including airport pick-up, hotel stay and viewing of luxurious condo apartments and houses. We help foreigners in buying an apartment by connecting them with our local real estate agents and attorneys.

  • Luxurious property in downtown Manhattan with suberb views on midtown
  • Rooftop on one of the top buildings in downtown Manhattan
  • Magnificent entrance of brand new building in Downtown Brooklyn
  • Relaxing lounge in a new property development on Wall Street
  • Luxury condo tower in downtown Brooklyn
  • Waterfront property in New York City

Our Home Buying
Trips to New York

  • Customized flight schedule to New York
  • Personal pickup at airport
  • Apartment viewings

New York Home Buying Trips

New York City Real Estate Map
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