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Queens is the second largest borough in New York City (after Brooklyn) and consists of different areas such as Flushing, Long Island City, Jamaica, Forest Hills and a few others. Flushing is an area that is home to many Chinese and Koreans. Almost 22% of all residents in Queens are Asians. Each year, the US Open tennis tournament is organized in Queens.

Queens is very well connected by public transportation to Manhattan (30-45 minutes) and many people like to live in Queens because its proximity to Manhattan coupled with having extra space and a quiet environment. Furthermore, many New Yorkers (and investors) who like to live in (or invest in) houses/villas can find more opportunities here in Queens than in Manhattan.

Average prices in Queens have decreased over the last 12 months. Currently, the price for new development in Queens is approximately 534 USD per square foot (5,748 USD per square meter). The median sales price for new development in Queens is 456K USD.

Examples of homes and apartments in Queens include The Parsons Condominium (, Sky View Parc ( and Vere (

Queens Real Estate Market reports

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